Best & Creative DIY Plant Stand Ideas to Decorate Your Garden

No one out there would say no to greenery, especially when you can get that greenery right in your own house. Adding a few lush green plants can quickly bring that very-needed dose of tranquility into your sweet home. But this is different from what you can do, as there are multiple plant stand ideas we have for you here.

You can give your plants a few leaf types of friends with a sleek-looking

No matter how many plants you have in your garden, your brain might always think of creative Indoor plant stand ideas or DIY outdoor plant stand ideas to add to the greenery. Buying plants is one thing, but at the same time, it is also essential to beautifully pair them up with outdoor plant stands.

Best DIY Outdoor Plant Stand Ideas:

Here we have listed the best DIY outdoor plant stand ideas, which will not require you to put in a lot of effort:

1. Classic Square Pillar Plant Stand

Classic Square Pillar Plant Stand

This is a very aesthetic-looking white colour plant stand. Its classic design makes it an ideal addition to the living room, bedroom, patio, wedding venues, hallways, etc. All you must do is, place your favourite plants on the significant capital of the pillar. The construction makes this indoor plant stand stable and robust for a longer duration.

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2. Bamboo Plant Stand

Bamboo Plant Stand

If you are looking for DIY outdoor plant stand ideas, then a bamboo wooden plant stand has your back. Thanks to its 6-tier shelving, the stand has enough space to show off your favorite plants on your house deck patio or balcony. It is made from eco-friendly bamboo and has a perfect Sheen besides smooth surfaces. For an exciting display, you can mix the display of plants with your favourite collectibles. The best part is that you can use gardening hand tools with this stand.

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3. Plant Stands Bicycle Shaped in Vintage Style Metal

Plant Stands Bicycle Shaped in Vintage Style Metal

You can add a great colourful touch to the interiors of your house with an antique-looking plant stand that has a great shape of a bicycle. The metal plant stands feature 3 holders that make it easy for you to showcase the potted flowers. The stand has unique scrollwork details that give your living space elegance. The plant stand is easy to assemble. This is your best bet if you are looking for creative indoor plant stand ideas.

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4. Plant Stands Cedar

Plant Stand Cedar

Get your hands on the best plant stand that makes it easy to display your favourite plants as another decorative item. When you choose this plant stand, you can come up with multiple plant stand ideas and decorate your house the way you want.

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5. Cedarwood Plant Rollers

Cedarwood Plant Rolliers

If you have plenty of Indoor Plant Stand Ideas, you would wonder how to move your plants from one place to another for different occasions. You don’t need to look any further, as you can get your hands on these cedarwood plant rollers. These rollers are perfect for moving your favourite plants. Even if we do not want to move the plants, you can use the rollers to hold the potted plants. These wooden trolleys are durable and provide smooth glide while repositioning your potted plants in your backyard or balcony.

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6. Plant Rack

Plant Rack

If you want to place your plants in any garden patio or terrace, then the plant rack is your best bet as it will be a real eye-catcher in any space. The best part is that it also has a flower pattern detailing, adding glam to your area.

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7. Corner Plant Rack

Corner Plant Rack

Do you have an empty corner in your space? If yes, you can add something beautiful to that particular corner. You can glance through ideas for a plant stand and add this corner plant rack in that corner. This rack has a perfect rose pattern detailing. The best is that the rack can be perfectly placed against any corner because of its height and width.

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8. Mosaic Side Table

Mosaic Side Table

It is perfect for adding some greenery to your space, and there is nothing better than buying a plant table with stylish, elegant, curved legs. Even if we do not want to place potted plants on these tables, you can use the mosaic table to rest your drinks. This stand should become an excellent addition to your gardening collection! Not only indoors, but you can also place this table outdoors on your balcony and add some glam to the space.

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9. The Mosaic Plant Stands For Terracotta

The Mosaic Plant Stand For Teracotta

This mosaic plant stand has 3 mosaic pattern ceramic layers. You can place it in your garden, backyard, or any other space that you would like to. The outdoor plant stand is perfect for placing your favourite potted plants. If you are throwing a party, you can set this stand indoors as a decor piece, and people will love it because greenery all around adds a different aura to the room.

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10. Garden Plant Stand

Garden Plant Stand

The garden plant stand is your best bet to organize and display some potted plants in your garden home or the terrace. It is arranged attractively, so you don’t have to worry about how it will look in the exterior interiors of your space. The best is that the shelf also has plenty of room to keep your items perfectly organized. The plant stand is not only simple but also stylish and will make a great centre of attention.

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11. Folding Bamboo Plant Track

Folding Bamboo Plant Track

Are you running short on space? If yes, then the folding bamboo plant rack is your best bet. The simple yet stylish triangular design plant rack is excellent for keeping and displaying plants and other items. It can make a real eye-catcher in any space, including gardens, patios, or terraces. The 3-tier shelf provides a perfect space to keep your items organized neatly. When you are not using this bamboo plant rack, you can fold it and keep it away.

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12. Mosaic Table 3 pieces

Mosaic Table 3 Pieces


Suppose you have a huge balcony area or a backyard. You can consider investing in the mosaic table 3-piece set with an elegant top and curved legs. It will become the centre of attention in your garden balcony and any other area you would like to keep. You can use the table as a flowering plant or a side table.

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13. Mosaic Table Terracotta Ceramic

Mosaic Table Terracotta Ceramic

The outdoor side table is an elegant top. This table is perfect if you want to use it as a centre table in your garden. This is perfect for all spaces, whether you use it as an outdoor piece or an indoor decor element. It is a great furniture piece that you can add to your collection.

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14. Plant Stands Outdoor Indoor Metal Flower Pot Rack Corner Planter Shelf

Plant Stands Outdoor Indoor Metal Flower Pot Rack Corner Planter Shelf

It is important to keep your ports loaded with lovely green plants and blooming flowers for great decor indoors or outdoors. This plant stand is made from durable steel frame construction with simple and fluent lines yet resistant to rust and scratch. This is the best design you can invest in because it is space-saving and perfect for balconies, kitchens, or bathrooms. It is an excellent addition to any Home Office or even workspace.

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15. Outdoor Indoor Plant Stands, Garden Metal 3-Tier Plant Corner

Outdoor Indoor Plant Stands, Garden Metal 3 Tier Plant Corner

For lovely decor, you must ensure that your pots are filled with great plants and blooming flowers. This plant stand is your best bet as it has a simple and fluent frame construction. It is a space-saving design for hallways, kitchens, balconies, or bathrooms. In short, you can use this decor to decorate the dull spaces on your property.

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16. One Flower Holder Plant Stands Hanging a Pot Basket

One Flower Holder Plant Stands Hanging A Pot Basket

Do you have a beautiful window and want to add some greenery to your space? If yes, you need to look no further as you can invest in this one flower holder plant stand which uses every dead Space for your favourite plant. You can hang on the rail in seconds for complete use, and there is no need for installation.

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The Best Plant Stand Ideas Wrap Up

While these are some great plant stands that will help you make the most of your gardening ideas. You can visit After-Pay stores and buy a sturdy plant stand in no time, but before you choose any plant stand, you must consider that you invest a lot of time to understand the size and style. One of the first things you must consider before buying outdoor plant stands is to know where you would like to place this plant stand.

Understanding your allotted room and the type of stand that would be best for the space will make your decision easy. Plant stands can be divided into 2 groups: single-pot stands and multiple-pot stands. A single pot stand can hold just one plant and multiple pot stands have different tiers that can hold more than 2 plants. There are different types of various pot stands available, which you can check above and choose the one that aligns with your requirements.