BBQ Buying Guides For you to Consider Before Purchasing

A good BBQ becomes more like a family member than a cooking device, so we’ve put together this guide to help you pick the best      for you. Fire pits are also available in Afterpay stores.

What Is The Size Of Your Grill?


When selecting the amount of grill you need, three factors to consider. There’s the actual area it takes up; for example, if you have a tiny balcony, your options will be restricted to smaller designs.

The culinary prep area also includes things like side tables and warming racks that you can or can not require. The size of the actual cooking area, i.e. the grill, can be the most significant.

Consider how many people you will be cooking for and where the BBQ will fit before succumbing to the urge to purchase the largest BBQ you can afford.

You can always cook in batches and load your grill with smaller foods like burgers and sausages rather than giant steaks and racks of ribs if you only cater for larger gatherings on occasion. Warming racks on barbecues can also assist since they will keep a substantial portion of the meal warm while you cook the remainder.

Construction & Materials for the BBQ


Like other outdoor things, stainless steel gives the highest durability and weather resistance. Still, there are a variety of grills made of various materials that offer different advantages and match different budgets.

If you’ll be keeping your barbeque in a shed or covering it with a high-quality, waterproof grill cover while it’s not in use, stainless steel isn’t necessary. If mobility is vital to you, lighter materials like aluminium are also better.

Top tip: if you settle on a stainless steel BBQ, put it to the magnet test first! If a magnet clings to stainless steel, it is of poor quality and will rust quickly. You can also perform your grilling outdoors while gardening.

Grills for the BBQ


There are a variety of grill materials to pick from, as well; here’s a breakdown of each:

  • Chrome-plated grills are attractive and straightforward to clean, but they must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Chrome-plated grill bars can be spaced too widely, so double-check before buying.
  • Stainless steel grills are easier to clean and maintain than chrome-plated grills, and they hold heat better than alternatives.
  • Narrow items like sausages and skewers will fall through the bars if they are too far apart.
  • Cast iron grills retain heat effectively and uniformly cook food, allowing the meat to sear and cook rapidly. Even when not in use, cast iron grills need to be cleaned and seasoned regularly. Cast iron grills will rust if not correctly cared for, but they can last a lifetime if properly cared for.
  • Porcelain-coated grills are simple to clean and do not rust. Please do not use a wire brush to clean them; instead, use soapy water. Porcelain-coated grills retain heat effectively, but they do not sear meat as well as stainless steel or cast iron grills.

Additional BBQ Highlights


Here are a few other aspects to think about while purchasing a barbecue:

Hoods and Lids

More versatile is a BBQ with a cover or hood. It keeps the heat and smoke within the BBQ by closing the lid or hood while cooking, giving you more cooking options. It enables you to smoke food and cook by convection using both heats from the air and heat from the grill.

Thermometer built-in

While baking or roasting, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the temperature inside the BBQ.

Burners On The Side

Without returning to the kitchen, heat or prepare side dishes or sauces in a pot while grilling. They can also be used to keep food warm that has been examined.

Grills That Stand Alone


Freestanding barbeques provide excellent cooking outcomes and a broad choice of barbequing options. Leave your oven at home and go outside, where you’ll find flawlessly seared steaks, luscious Sunday roasts, smoked meats, and even cakes.

The Freestanding collection of barbeques comes with a hood, enabling you to expand your culinary skills beyond grilling and frying to include baking, roasting, making pizza, and smoking, since the hood retains heat and the barbeque works like an oven. You can also buy a rotisserie as part of your accessory package.

Flat plate freestanding BBQs are also available; the flat plate is considered the typical Australian barbecue and is excellent for cooking sausages, steaks, and the big Aussie breakfast, including pancakes. This is a simple, no-fuss BBQ that will get the job done. Detachable legs are available on specific versions.

Built-in Barbecues

More than simply a grill, a built-in barbeque can convert your patio or deck into an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area, which can expand your living space and boost the value of your property.

In a barbecue, this is the most versatile choice. Because the hood retains heat and the barbeque operates like an oven, you can use it for more than just grilling and frying. It can also bake, roast, make pizza, and smoke.

You can also buy a rotisserie as part of your accessory package. The built-in version does not have a stand or cart, allowing you to incorporate it into your outside space while also saving money on the barbecue’s purchasing price!

Working Out Your Gas Type for BBQ Buying Guides


Natural gas is used in gas barbecues, and the results are almost equal. Before buying a BBQ, make sure you’re entirely confident in your selection. Converting from one fuel type to another can only be done by a certified specialist, and doing so can invalidate the guarantee from particular models. Because both fuels cook the same way, the choice should be based on availability and convenience.


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What are the benefits of barbecue cooking?

There are always so many benefits if you are using grill barbeque cooking essentials or using the BBQ for using less oils and avoiding deep frying etc. Go for the BBQ Grilling options and make your life simpler and easier.

Is There a Difference Between Grilling and Barbecuing?

Yes! Barbecuing is a different method of cooking than grilling. Barbecuing involves cooking meat low and slow using indirect hot air in a sealed environment. Grilling involves openly cooking meat over a direct source of heat. Some grills can be used for both grilling and barbecuing; however, if your grill has only one burner, it is for grilling, not barbecuing.

Is BBQ Cooking Healthy?

Yes it’s certainly healthy while thinking of other options, it helps you get all the taste of the meat and other food while giving you all its nutritions without making it a waste while using other cooking essentials and keeping it in oil for more time. It’s the most healthier and safest option to choose.