How to Create a Raised Bed Garden

If you love nature, you would have surely dreamed of having a productive garden or a lush green garden in your backyard, or your backyard is just a concrete jungle instead of a gardener’s paradise. You are just a renter, and the thought of leaving behind your garden that you have created with all the blood and sweat, and of course, the emotions, are a lot to bear or even think about leaving.

There can be a situation where you might be a seasoned gardener, but your knees and back are not the way they were Once Upon a time; you can resolve all these gardening issues when you choose to create raised bed garden.

You can go for raised bed garden ideas, as you can grow this garden anywhere on the top of a concrete slab, in the corner of your garden, or even on your old kitchen trolley. You can create raised bed garden if the place gets a lot of sunlight.

What Do You Mean By A Raised Bed Garden?

What Do You Mean By A Raised Bed Garden

When you hear the term cheap raised bed garden, you will wonder what it is all about. A raised bed is ideally a freestanding frame or box with no type of top or bottom; it just sits above the ground in the running spot and is loaded with excellent-quality soil.

You can check out DIY raised bed garden and get an idea of how to create that garden without a frame. You can mound the soil 6 to 8 inches high and flatten the top.

The best part is that no extra gardening tools are required. You can do it easily.

Benefits Of Raised Garden Beds

Several reasons you should consider checking out the raised bed garden ideas are mentioned here.

Benefits Of Raised Garden Beds

  1. These gardens prevent erosion and drain well.
  2. The ground arm up early in the spring, giving a long growing season as the soil above the ground warms up easily.
  3. Raised garden beds give you better control over the soil you put in, making it possible to plant well. Additionally, the plants growing together in the raised beds mature quickly.
  4. They keep the weeds from taking over because the beds are elevated away from all the surrounding beads and are filled with weed-free soil.
  5. Ensure you are not walking in that bed, the soil does not get compacted, and it stays completely lose without needing any backbreaking digging. These gardens help to keep things organized, and you can keep a check on the plants.
  6. The garden activities are easy as you can use diverse home & garden tools and save your knees and back from the pain of tending the garden. There is the least need to bend and kneel with this type of gardening.
  7. The beds are perfect for small places where a typical row garden might be too wild.

Choosing The Right Material For Raised Bed

Choosing The Right Material For Raised Bed

Consider choosing to edit your raised beds using any materials you have at hand, like stone break cement blocks. It would be best if you avoided painted or pressure-treated wood, which might leach chemicals or lead into your soil. Bricks can be placed from end to end around the edges. You can check out the DIY raised bed garden and decide what materials you need. You can bury a bit at the bottom to stabilize the plants and deter weeds from slipping under or between the bricks.

Untreated Wood

If you are looking forward to producing great kid-friendly raised beds, you should go for untreated wood. Pine is one of the cheapest, but you need to know that it might rot after a few years. Hemlock will last a little longer, and rot-resistant woods, including Redwood, will last for a long time, but they are expensive. Cedar is the top choice because it is rot-resistant and durable, lasting at least 10 to 15 years. It is also insect resistant because of the oil that is present in the wood.

Railroad Ties

They are easy because you can just lay them on the ground, and old railroad ties treated with creosote do not appear to pose any health issues because most of the creosote has just been leased away.


Pallets can be a cheap source of garden bed materials, provided you know where they come from. So, Pallets are provided from diverse types of shipping materials, and you should avoid pallets treated with chemicals because the chemicals can have an enormous impact on your health.


Concrete can be used, but you need to know that concrete will enhance the soil PH level, and you might have to amend your soil.

Composite Word

It is a new product made from recycled plastic that is rot-resistant and long-lasting.

Cinder Blocks

Regarding DIY ideas for raised bed gardens, cinder blocks are used for Mediterranean herbs like Rosemary and lavender. The holes can be filled with soil mixed and planted with herbs. Every block has around sixteen inches, and the price at the big box stores is completely reasonable.

How Wide Should The Raised Bed Be?

How Wide Should The Raised Bed Be

Besides learning the gardening equipment, you must learn how wide your raised garden should be. Garden beds can be wider by around four feet, but you should always ensure that the width is accessible at your height.

Stepping into the bed is surely a no because it will compact the soil and make it challenging for the plant root to get the oxygen they need. It makes the bed completely white, and it will also make it challenging to reach the middle, which makes the weeding and harvesting challenges.

It is always recommended to build a narrow-raised bed which is around two to three feet wide; providing a raised bed is built against a wall or a fence length is not that important as you can always make a bed which is around four.

Location For Raised Beds

Raised beds must be placed in a location with a lot of sunlight. Most vegetables need around 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight, especially after lunchtime. You should choose a location close to the ground and close to the house so you can easily access it for harvesting. You should avoid placing your raised garden bed in a windy location. The soil must drain completely, so you must avoid any wet areas.

How Can You Build Your Garden Bed?

How Can You Build Your Garden Bed

You can consider using different cheap gardening equipment to start building your garden, but before learning more about raised bed garden ideas, you need to understand methods to create one.

Layer One

You need to layer the garden bed with bark chip mulch to help it retain moisture, minimize weed growth, and regulate the soil temperature. Ensure you are using the right soil for the first layer because it forms the base.

Layer Two

You can use the topsoil for this one, or you can also ask your local nursery to guide you. the best part about visiting the local nursery guide is that they will help you

Layer Three

Here you need hay as a part of the spring lawn care. the idea behind putting hay on the grass would be to help new grass seedlings establish themselves. this will help in protecting the young grass seedlings from sun rays.

Layer Four

There would be three clippings, like the palm fronds, which would aerate the soil. The clippings play a crucial role as they protect the soil and also keep it perfect for the seedlings to grow.

Layer Five

Soil needs to be layered for you to grow a good amount of plants. Soil plays a crucial role so don’t forget to layer one.

Layer Six

Grass cuttings need to be there. After a point of time, you need to cut the grass the plants can grow healthily.

Layer Seven

Organic fertilizers and manure. Once you cut the grasses you need to add organic manure and fertilizers.

Layer Eight

Compose needs to be added last so that your plants can healthily bloom in the raised garden.

Once the garden bed is filled, you must water it perfectly; this will help you prepare to plant your vegetables in the compost layer.

Furthermore, you need to know that raised garden beds can be renter-friendly by adding wheels. You can take an extra kitchen trolley or a rusted wheelbarrow and fill it with your favorite plant. You can wheel it around easily from time to time to chase the sunlight and ensure that the vessel you are using has proper drainage

Diverse Types Of Raised Bed Garden Tools That You Can Consider

Gabion Wall for Garbage Bin Galvanised Steel 110x100x110 cm

This Cheap Gabion Garden Bed is your best bet if you are looking for a home or a business landscape design. Perfect to contain your garbage bins in the garden and the design is to be filled with rocks. The stone basket is completely stable and durable and the grid is welded with wires at every intersection for great stability.

Garden Planter Grey 157x80x40 cm Poly Rattan

The Cheap Ratten Raised Garden Bed is perfect for growing different flowers or plants. You can display your favorite flower or plant with the garden planter adding beauty to the current space. The flower bed features a strong powder-coating steel frame which is completely durable. The premium material is designed with a water-resistant PE rattan, making it easy to clean and suitable for outdoor use.

Garden Raised Bed Galvanised Steel 600x80x77 cm Anthracite

The Cheap Steel Raised Garden Bed is perfect for growing different flowers and plants. It will make a better addition to your garden. This is made from heavy-duty steel, and the planter pot is weather resistant and practical for outdoor use. The raised garden bed is deep and wide enough to hold a huge amount of soil and provide plenty of space for plants and vegetables.

Garden Planter White 200x50x50 cm Solid Pinewood

The Cheap Wooden Raised Garden Bed is one of the best choices for growing different varieties of flowers and plants, making it a terrific addition to your outdoor living space. It is made from solid pine wood, and the raised bed is durable and weather resistant, so it is completely practical for outdoor use.


Hence you should consider going for these ideas if you are planning to go for a raised garden bed. Creating a raised bed garden is not very difficult if you use the right tools & follow the correct procedures.